Lesson of the Week – Living the Yamas


Last week we learned about Astanga – The eight limbs of yoga.  Today, let’s discuss the first…Yamas…Social Ethics.

Yamas are social ethics that allow one to coexist peacefully in community.  Nonviolence is the first and foremost ethic.

ahimsa – nonviolence, reducing harm

satya – truth

asteya – nonstealing

brahmacarya – appropriate use of one’s vital energy

aparigraha – nonpossessiveness

These are all things that we must take with us OFF the mat.  Take the yamas out of the studio, off your mat and into the world.  Living a life filled with love and understanding rather than pain and violence.  Can you imagine a world filled with people committed to the yamas?

We can…and we’re bringing it to you…to our community…in the form of a yoga studio that doesn’t just offer exercise.  In the form of a yoga studio that offers teaching, community, fellowship, meditation, peace, love and compassion.

Live the yamas this week.  Let us know how that feels.


Brigett (and everyone at Kahanu Yoga & Meditation Spa)