Learning to Be Grateful and to See the Beauty in the Rain


Today I’m this close to a beach.  White sand.  The smell of salted water.  The sound of the waves crashing on the beach.  An absolutely gorgeous view from my hotel room.  Hot coffee.  Zen music on Pandora.  Traveling with my love.  Meeting with great friends.  Meeting new friends.  

Yet…I woke up this morning disappointed in the weather.  Hating the rain.  Wishing I could spend time in the sun on the beach.  Crabby that things aren’t going the way I want them to go.


I am surrounded by all of this but the weather…the weather of all things…made me look right through everything I have here at my fingertips and see only gloom and chilly weather (and to be honest…the weather isn’t all that chilly) and blah.

How often do we do that?  How often do we forget all the great things about our lives…we forget to notice the wonderful world we live in and the fabulous people we get to spend time with and the beauty of everything God has put within our grasp.  And instead…we focus on what we perceive to be the overwhelming negative stuff.

I posted pictures on my personal Facebook page today and got some very beautiful responses and a couple of much needed chats from people who are looking for and seeing the beauty in what I have within my own grasp today.  They see what I was missing.  They see what I was ignoring.

There is so much beauty here today and there is so much good in my life.  A little rain should never overshadow the good. 

So today…I see the beauty in the rain.  I see the beauty in my view (which I would be missing if I was down there on the beach).  I see how important it is for me to be in this hotel room…writing this blog post..instead of lying out there in the sun.  I see the waves crashing and I don’t focus on the wind that brings those waves…I see the water in all its power…making a beautiful sight for me to behold.  I see a whole new story in the picture above.

It feels much more peaceful and much happier to see the beauty.

For today…I am grateful for the rain…because I can see the beauty in it.

Notice the good in your lives my friends…for the “bad” could actually be the good in disguise.


Brigett (and everyone at Kahanu Yoga and Mediation Spa)