Lesson of the Week – What are Bandhas?



This week’s lesson is a short, short introduction to bandhas.  As with all of these themes, there is so, so much more to know.  Please, explore and study on your own.  Read and practice further the lessons that intrigue you.  Spend your life studying and filling your mind with new information.  Sometimes all of this can be overwhelming…believe me…I know.  But from my personal experience, the more I study and the more I practice, the more often these concepts just sort of “wake up” inside of me.  That light comes on.  And my practice deepens…

Bandhas – Binding Locks

Bandhas are muscular locks created by contracting or squeezing certain muscles, holding them, then releasing them, thereby relaxing that area of the body.  Bandhas strengthen and balance the nervous system and subtle body and can be used for a variety of therapeutic effects. – From The Language of Yoga

jihva-bandha – tongue lock

mula-bandha – root lock

uddiyana-bandha – rising up lock

**Please note:  Bandhas should never be practiced while pregnant**

Understanding bandhas can really take your practice to the next level.  Ancient yogis would say that when you master the bandhas you master the practice.  The practice referred to is on the outside…on the mat…the physical practice BUT it also refers to the inside…your heart…your mental practice…your growth.  And…from a physical perspective, they can help you regulate your digestive system, your breath, your heart rate, your hormones, your metabolism and more.  They are not to be overlooked or taken lightly…

Practice with these.  Practice them alone…practice them during yoga.  Focus your mind on locking and releasing.  On moving your energy.  On relaxing your body.  Lock.  Hold.  Release.  And don’t forget to breathe…

Then watch where your practice goes…


Brigett (and everyone at Kahanu Yoga & Meditation Spa