10 Minute Meditation for Creativity & Success on a Project


A short meditation for bringing new insight, creativity and thus success on your project.

Sa Ta Na Ma – Using both hands

Sa – press index finger to thumb
Ta – press middle finger to thumb
Na – press ring finger to thumb
Ma – press pinky finger to thumb

Repeat for 3 – 5 minutes focusing only only the chant. Sa Ta Na Ma

Go into silent meditation with focus on the breath

Inhale – count of four
Hold – count of four
Exhale – count of four
Hold – count of four

Repeat for 3 – 5 minutes then breathe normally and enjoy the peace.

Inhale – Imagine you are receiving fresh insight and ideas.
Exhale – Release self doubt into the ground.

Now, bring your mind to your project. From your third eye, visualize your completed project in full color detail. Spend time putting it all together in your mind. See your amazing results. Feel what it feels like to have it completed and to bask in the success. Keep your journal close to jot down any ideas that come to mind after the visualization.

If you would like to learn more about meditation, Kahanu Yoga & Meditation Spa is offering a six week meditation series beginning in November.

Wednesdays at 6:00pm
Beginning November 12, 2014
Investment: $110.00 for all six weeks. Includes weekly lessons and guided meditations as well as a handmade meditation journal to track your process throughout the journey and beyond.

Important Note: There are no refunds for this series. Class size is limited to 8 people and will be held in our beautiful meditation room. Each week builds on the prior week so before signing up, please ensure you are able to commit to the entire six week course.

Join Sapha on a six week journey into a beginning meditation practice.

Week 1 November 12 – Demystifying Meditation
Week 2 November 19 – Tuning in to your Breath and Body
Week 3 November 26 – Understanding and embracing the emotional realm
Week 4 December 3- Cellular regeneration and neuron re-wiring
Week 5 December 10- Understanding mantras and getting rid of your fears around them
Week 6 December 17– Metta Meditation

Register now: http://www.kahanuyoga.com


Have a blessed day everyone!



Why Do We Om?

Merry Christmas Everyone

The topic has come up in the studio recently regarding why we chant “Om” in yoga and what it means.  The discussion can be as complex or as simple as you’d like it to be because Om means different things to different people and resonates with each of us in a different way.  In the studio, the conversation gets pretty complex.  For the purposes of this discussion, we’re going to go with the simple explanation…

Everything vibrates – EVERYTHING.  Nothing in the universe is standing still, we and everything around us are in a constant state of vibration.  “Om”, when chanted, vibrates at a frequency of 432 Hz – which also happens to be the same frequency as everything in nature.  Thus, when we tune into that sound, we’re are connecting with and acknowledging our connection to all other living beings, to nature and to the universe as a whole.

And if connecting to all other beings, nature and the universe isn’t enough to get you interested, how about the health benefits?  The Om vibrations slow down the nervous systems and calm the mind in much the same way a good meditation will.  When the mind is calm, the blood pressure is lowered.  When the blood pressure is lowered, the heart is healthy.  When the heart is healthy, all is good and right with the world.

But in the end, for a lot of us, chanting Om at the beginning of our practice connects us to the yoga practice in a much more mindful way.  It signifies that practice has started.  It is time to let the world go and practice mindfully, to be present, to engage with the instructor, the room, and ourselves in a way that goes beyond yoga poses.  It is a symbol that now is the time to take care of ourselves and focus on the present moment.  It brings us to the deeper meaning of why we practice yoga – the mind, body, soul connection.

For those of you who want to give it a try but aren’t sure how, here’s a fantastic tutorial from the Huffington Post found here:  )

 Om 101

  • For one tiny sound, om is deeply complex. Apply these simple mouth adjustments just as you would shift an asana to maximize its potency.
  • For “ahh,” relax the jaw. The sound rises from the belly, lips are parted, and the tongue doesn’t touch the palate.
  • In “oooh,” the lips gently come together as the sound moves from the abdomen into the heart.
  • During “mmm,” the tongue floats to the roof of the mouth, and the lips come together to create a buzzing in the head. Some say this syllable goes on twice as long as the others.
  • Silence — or om’s “fourth syllable” — follows while the sound fades into nothing. Observe how you feel now.

Always remember that it is perfectly fine to sit quietly and not join in if the chant does not resonate with you.  OR…if you’d like something a little different…try chanting “home” instead… 😉



It’s Been Over a Month Now…

2 meditation


They say consistency is the key to a successful blog.  Post often and post regularly and people will read.  Well…I’ve been the opposite of consistent these days and I certainly have not been posting often!

We’ve been open just over a month now and oh my gosh…what an amazing month it it has been!  I feel blessed every single day.  I had no real idea of whether or not people would actually come when we opened our doors.  I mean, the online support was absolutely incredible.  Not a day went by that I didn’t receive a phone call or an email or a text message wishing us well…sending good vibes…praying for us…

But the question was…how many people will not only be supportive but will actual support us?  So many of you got to watch the drama unfold as we built, discovered the terrible job that was done, destroyed and re-built again.  So many of you were supportive and interested.  So many of you saw the struggle.  And so many of you let us know you were thinking about us.

And finally we opened.  6:00am on a Monday morning (June 23, 2014 to be exact).  And you were here (as my son said as soon as the studio door closed:  “Ok.  I’m just gonna say it.  A lot more people get up at 5:00 in the morning to do yoga than I thought would!”).  You were here all day.  You kept coming back.  Day after day.  And then your introductory offers started ending.  And you are still here.  You are supporting us.  You are still sending us positive vibes.  You are still wishing us well.  And many of you are still praying for us (please don’t stop…if you pray, we are grateful to be included).

It’s been quite a month…and we are blessed.  So many questions have been answered.  We’ve learned a LOT and we continue to learn each day.  We’ve met the most amazing people!  We’re recognizing faces….talking yoga…talking life…drinking tea….listening to music…becoming friends.  And we appreciate you so much!!

At the end of our first day, I wrote in my journal:  “Words cannot begin to describe how I am feeling right now.  Or maybe they can but I just don’t have the talent as a writer to put the right ones in the right order.”  Well…that’s what’s happening to me right now.  Maybe because it’s 6:00am and I’m still sleepy.  But honestly, I think it’s because, at least in the English language, there are no words to describe this.  So I will end with one word and hope you take it completely to heart:




Why We’re Not Concerned About Having a Bible as Our Guest Book


I wrote a Facebook post the other day that stated (including a copy of the picture above):

Rather than your typical guest book, at Kahanu Yoga & Meditation Spa, we have a copy of the Holy Bible and we invite everyone to write in it. Pick a spot anywhere and leave us a note. We absolutely can’t wait to start collecting your autographs!!

And I very quickly (VERY quickly) received an email asking me if I was concerned that I might offend people who are not Christians by having a bible in the yoga studio.  

I think it’s best that I share my answer with all of you so that everyone understands where we are coming from, who we are and what we are trying to foster at Kahanu Yoga & Meditation Spa:

My answer:

I certainly could be concerned about having a bible in the yoga studio and offending those people in the community who are not Christians.

I could also be concerned about having a picture or statue of Buddha in the yoga studio and offending people who are not Buddhists.

I could also be concerned about having a rosary in the yoga studio and be concerned about offending anyone who is not Catholic.

I could also be concerned about having mala beads there and offending anyone who does not understand or use them.

I could be concerned about having a meditation room and what that might mean to some.

I could be concerned about having the word “meditation” in our name.

I could be concerned about lots of things.  I could live my entire life concerned.

Yet, any one or all of the above could be seen in the yoga studio.  And I choose not to be concerned.

At Kahanu Yoga & Mediation Spa, we choose to welcome everyone…regardless of what you believe, where you are on your journey, whether or not you meditate, whether or not you pray, whether or not you’ve ever practiced yoga, whether or not you are vegan, vegetarian or love burgers. 

Everyone is welcome here.  Everyone. 

We are not trying to offend anyone…not at all.  Yet…we’re not going to run a business being concerned about who we are offending.  We sincerely hope that all who enter our doors will feel welcomed and will feel a sense of community and love.  We sincerely hope that everyone who stops in will want to come back.  We sincerely hope that every person knows that they can join us anytime they want for yoga, meditation, tea or conversation.  We sincerely hope that nobody is offended by anything we do, say, feel or believe. 

Yet…we can’t live our lives with a fear that others won’t approve.

Instead, we choose to live our lives as authentically as possible. And that means letting everyone know that they are welcome here and at the same time, helping them understand that we are not hiding who WE are.  And that means hiring people from every background.  And that means practicing side by side with those who do not feel as we do.  And that means sharing tea with everyone.  And that means welcoming everyone.  And that means loving and believing in what we do.  

And that means treating everyone who enters our doors with respect and understanding.    


Brigett (and everyone at Kahanu Yoga & Mediation Spa)

On a side note:  Throughout my years I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting LOTS of people from LOTS of different religions and belief systems including those who do not believe at all.  In all that time, I’ve never met one person (including Atheists) who don’t respect the message and teaching that the bible stands for…even if they don’t believe.  I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t understand the good that every religious belief is trying to convey to their followers.  However, if I do happen to meet someone like that or someone who just plain doesn’t want to sign their name in a bible…that is perfectly okay.  Giving us your autograph in a bible is NOT a requirement for joining us. Filling out a release and emergency contact form however, IS a requirement.   🙂

Yoga With a Cold



I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days and that is soooo rare for me.  Stuffy nose, cough, sore throat.  I have a cold.  A real cold.  Not one that’s going away after a day.  A true, honest-to-goodness-snot-everywhere-COLD.

And I’m miserable.

Yes…that negative thought has pretty much embraced me right now…so I’m embracing it.  I’m not in denial.  I’m not pretending I’m fine.  I’m not sending positive vibes to myself (okay…I should be doing this…).  I’m sick.  And I admit it.

So now that we’re all clear on that, the question becomes:  What happens to my yoga practice when I’m ill?  Do I give it up and lay on the couch all day?  Do I suck it up and go to a class?  Do I fill myself up with over the counter drugs?  Do I go to the doctor for something a little stronger?

The answer for me is to listen to my body and give it what it is asking for.  Tender loving care.

Here’s what Tender Loving Care means for me today:

1.  I do not go to a class.  Besides the fact that I don’t feel alert enough to be out there driving around, who wants to practice next to me?  Who’s going to be able to focus on themselves with my growing mound of used tissues next to my mat?  Who near me can pay attention to their own practice and their own body when I’m busy making some pretty awful sounds?  How do people convince themselves that I’m not spreading these germs all over the place?  And if someone in there is anything like me, will they be able to practically SEE the germs growing in that heat?  Ewwwwww!!!!

2.  I’m not ingesting over the counter or prescription drugs.  I already feel bad enough.  I don’t need something that’s going to knock me completely out and make me feel disconnected and groggy on top of what I already feel.  Not to say there isn’t a time, place and illness for this.  There absolutely IS.  I’m just not there.  If I get there, I will see my doctor.

3.  I brewed up and am sipping on detox tea.  A LOT of it.

4.  I’m filling up on as much water as I can drink.

5.  I am “steam cleaning” my nose with a neti pot.  If you’re not familiar with this, it is an ancient Ayurveda practice involving cleaning out the nostrils with warm salt water.  It has made a world of difference.

6.  I am NOT giving up my yoga practice but I AM well aware that my body needs rest.  I’m practicing a very gentle restorative yoga and using props to elevate my head while I relax.  I am not pushing myself AT ALL.  I am aware.  I am focused.  I am relaxing.

7.  I am NOT giving up my meditation practice.  I have not been able to go into any sort of deep meditation at all but I am remembering that any small moments of quiet are doing my mind, my body and my soul a world of good.  And I am remembering that any amount of time I spend with God is a joy and a blessing.  I am remembering that prayer is important for my soul.

8.  I am NOT giving up my pranayama practice but I AM giving up any vigorous practice.  I am using gentle alternate nostril breathing and I am practicing in a way that will help clear my sinuses…not make me uncomfortable.  I am learning that vibration can really help clear the sinuses naturally.  I am closing my lips and making the sound of a bee.  I am feeling movement.  I am feeling a loosening of mucus.  I am knowing that it is helping.

9.  I am resting.  I am going to bed early and taking short naps when needed.  I am soaking in detox baths.  I am staying calm.

10.  I am not beating myself up.  I am understanding that this illness is my body’s way of telling me I need to pay attention.  And I am paying attention.

Wishing each of you the best of health today.  Hoping you are all listening to your bodies and giving yourselves whatever it is you need.  If that means a longer, stronger yoga practice, a longer, deeper meditation and prayer session, a nap or a run, I hope you are listening.


Brigett (and everyone at Kahanu Yoga & Meditation Spa)


PS:  In case you’re curious, I don’t have amounts but here are the ingredients in my detox tea:

  • Fresh ginger
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Garlic
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Turmeric powder
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Water
  • Local organic honey added to the individual cup

And in the bath:

  • 2 cups Epsom Salt
  • 1 cup Baking Soda
  • 15-20 drops of essential oils (I use eucalyptus and lavender)
  • 1/3 cup ginger powder (which will make you sweat.  A LOT.  Use less if needed and drink LOTS of water)

Learning to Be Grateful and to See the Beauty in the Rain


Today I’m this close to a beach.  White sand.  The smell of salted water.  The sound of the waves crashing on the beach.  An absolutely gorgeous view from my hotel room.  Hot coffee.  Zen music on Pandora.  Traveling with my love.  Meeting with great friends.  Meeting new friends.  

Yet…I woke up this morning disappointed in the weather.  Hating the rain.  Wishing I could spend time in the sun on the beach.  Crabby that things aren’t going the way I want them to go.


I am surrounded by all of this but the weather…the weather of all things…made me look right through everything I have here at my fingertips and see only gloom and chilly weather (and to be honest…the weather isn’t all that chilly) and blah.

How often do we do that?  How often do we forget all the great things about our lives…we forget to notice the wonderful world we live in and the fabulous people we get to spend time with and the beauty of everything God has put within our grasp.  And instead…we focus on what we perceive to be the overwhelming negative stuff.

I posted pictures on my personal Facebook page today and got some very beautiful responses and a couple of much needed chats from people who are looking for and seeing the beauty in what I have within my own grasp today.  They see what I was missing.  They see what I was ignoring.

There is so much beauty here today and there is so much good in my life.  A little rain should never overshadow the good. 

So today…I see the beauty in the rain.  I see the beauty in my view (which I would be missing if I was down there on the beach).  I see how important it is for me to be in this hotel room…writing this blog post..instead of lying out there in the sun.  I see the waves crashing and I don’t focus on the wind that brings those waves…I see the water in all its power…making a beautiful sight for me to behold.  I see a whole new story in the picture above.

It feels much more peaceful and much happier to see the beauty.

For today…I am grateful for the rain…because I can see the beauty in it.

Notice the good in your lives my friends…for the “bad” could actually be the good in disguise.


Brigett (and everyone at Kahanu Yoga and Mediation Spa)

LOVE Yourself…REALLY Love Yourself!! It’s time!


I haven’t been inspired to write lately…or read…or teach…or much of anything.  So I took a little break and did a lot of internal reflection.  I discovered that I actually WANTED to do these things…but I wasn’t inspired to.

When I would try to think of what to write, I came up blank.

When I would try to think of what to teach (or even who to teach it to).  I came up blank.

When I would tell myself to read something positive or inspiring, I couldn’t focus on it.

But I WANTED to.

So today I began a new day with a new outlook.  I set a plan.  I began a cleanse.  I set my alarm and woke up early like I used to when I had a day job to go to.  I reflected.  I practiced some very gentle restorative yoga.  I told my (yes…out loud while looking in the mirror) that I love myself.

Which also got me thinking.

Do I really?  I tell myself that I love myself but do I really mean it?

If I think about others that I love and how I treat them…is that the same way I treat myself?

The things I say to myself (in my own head and with my body language and with the look on my face when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror)…are those the same things I would say to someone I love?

Oh my goodness no!

The way I think about myself.  Is that the way I think about the people I love?


What about the way I nourish my body?  The amount of alcohol I drink or the amount of water I take in or the kinds of food I nourish myself with…are those the same recommendations I would give to someone I love?  What about the amount of sleep, the amount of stress I let in, the level of anxiety I keep or the degree and type of exercise I get?  No.  The list goes on and on and on.  There are so, so many ways that I SHOW myself a lack of love that I would never show to someone I really love.

So…today is a new day.  Today started early and it was met with a routine that I shall continue.  My morning included oil pulling (if you’re not familiar, check it out), hot water with lemon (completely skipped the coffee), a new cleanse (a healthy one), fresh juice from my juicer, yoga, meditation, healthy breakfast and snack, lots of water and….

what followed was an inspiration to write this post.  A smile that I forgot could exist for no apparent reason.  A fun text conversation with my love.  An inspiring and positive call from a friend.

Again…we’re talking about a list that goes on and on and on.

And I just started today.

I’m feeling very blessed and I don’t think it happened by accident.  I firmly believe that blessing abound when we love ourselves.  When we REALLY love ourselves.  I believe we manifest the most amazing things when we take time to care for ourselves, pray, allow God to talk to us and when we notice and hear the sounds of the world.

Right now, I hear my dog lightly snoring, I hear children at the nearby grade school playing at recess.  I hear Zen meditation music from Pandora.  I hear birds (I don’t know if they’re outside or also on Pandora but it doesn’t matter…).

I hear love.  I feel love.  I feel energy (and by the way, for the first time in a very, very long time I also skipped the coffee this morning…Oh…wait…I said that already.  But it’s a BIG deal for me!!).  I feel a sense of direction…of purpose.  And I feel inspired.

My wish for you today is that you feel some of this or more of it.  And let me know if it makes you smile.  I know today…it makes me smile.

And tomorrow will be more of the same.

Because it’s time to not just tell myself I love myself but to actually TREAT myself as I love myself.


Brigett (and everyone at Kahanu Yoga & Meditation Spa)