Body Blocks & Energy Triangles – Lessons from a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

By our lovely Kundalini Yoga teacher Nata Meyer
Each of us has an energy heart pulsing light through our bodies. When we are open to this energy our skin glows, our eyes brighten, and our chest expands. Life is about uplift and forward momentum.
Life, strife, and circumstance often train us to resist this energy. Body Blocks are like dams with energy on one side and us on the other.

When pulsing waves of vital energy within us continually strike muscle blocks, tension is compacted. For instance many people experience a backache (or life ache!) as pain-spasm-pain-spasm. Eventually If this occurs for a long enough time our bodies (circumstances) harden in an attempt to splint the area against further insult, producing a structural, energetic, and life block.

A backache may have a structural cause, but more often it’s the expression of our struggle to keep ourselves uplifted. Heart problems are often the expression of the pain of our blocked impulses to love or be loved. The way to correct these blocks is to work from the inside out and outside in simultaneously. Working from the inside out entails being brave enough to feel our feelings and open ourselves to their positive poles. Working from the outside in involves doing a committed Kundalini Yoga practice to get our energy moving.

Our blocks are clues which point us towards the paradise of innocence lost and freedom found. The major areas of holding in the body are the eyes, jaw, ankles, pelvic area, knees, feet, neck, upper back, shoulders, lower back, buttocks, calves, and diaphragm.  Our jaws relate to first chakra issues and stubborn resistance. Our ankles are the interface between our maturity and our security. The pelvis area represents the sweetness of life. Our knees represent openness to change. Our feet are where the rubber meets the road. Our neck supports our world view. Our upper back represents the broad spectrum of emotions. Our shoulders represent our ability to have a say in our own outcome. Our lower back is our vulnerbility. Our buttocks relate to control issues. Our calves relate to fixed ideas. Our diaphragm is where we let life in.

in the tradition of great yogis and healers of the ages, Yogi Bhajan was able to make the connection between how energy moves in the body and a person’s health and happiness. He distilled the issue of energy blocks into this equation: energy blocks create low self-esteem and low self-esteem creates patterns of behavior which block our fulfillment. The basic Kundalini Yoga model is that everyone has an inherent birthright to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled, and it is possible to attain that. Kundalini Yoga was designed for that. In a very early lecture Yogi Bhajan said that, “Pranic energy, the energy of life, flows through the limbs and trunk of the body and can be blocked in the energy squares (located in every joint and between the vertebrae of the spine). There are also energy squares in every joint of the hand and toes. Human energy continuously flows through the chakra centers along the spine. It also flows through pathways on the front of the body that are in the form of triangles. These triangles communi­cate energy throughout the body, and every two triangles have a central lotus or chakra.

“The first triangle is formed between the eyes and the sixth chakra lotus, or Third Eye point. The second triangle goes from the corners of the mouth to the lunar center in the chin. The third triangle goes from the Fifth Chakra lotus to the nipple area and has the Fourth Chakra lotus in the center. The fifth triangle in men goes from the Third Chakra lotus to the outside of the testicles encompassing the Second Chakra. In women, the fifth and the sixth triangles go from the Third Chakra to the left ovary and down the sex organ encompassing the Second Chakra lotus. The last triangle is formed between the fourth spinal vertebra and the sides of the hips. The end line of the triangle is a line formed by the sides of the hips and the perineum, encompassing the First Chakra.”

Blocks are not always a bad thing. The existence of the physical Universe is a form of contraction. And what would life be without something to overcome! Yogi Bhajan said that blocks in our psyche can begin as early as the moment of conception if parents are not  “In the mental, projective, angular energy beam.” Is he talking about some sort of Cosmic laser? Actually yes, there is a Universal wi-fi and when we are in the flow of our own energy we can stay online. When we’re not online we only have access to what’s already in our memory. But once we access the internet of the Universe amazing new information can inform our lives.

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